Auto sales in November slow down

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Total units sold in November are 9,346, an increase of 1% compared to October, the month with the least sales in 2021 and since October 2020.  Sales in November compared annually decreased by 14% or 1,516 fewer units.  Compared to October 2019 total unit sales decreased by 11% or 1,162 fewer units. However, total accumulated units in 2021 are the highest in the last decade with over 117,336 units sold. The total accumulated is 45% greater than in 2020 for the same period. Total accumulated from January to November estimates indicate Korean units sold increased sales by 42%, Japanese by 27%, US by 21% and Europeans by 9% compared to 2020. The market share by units by country increased by 2% for Korea when compared to the total accumulated for 2021, the rest lost 1%.

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