Auto sales in November slow down

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Total units sold in November are 9,346, an increase of 1% compared to October, the month with the least sales in 2021 and since October 2020.  Sales in November compared annually decreased by 14% or 1,516 fewer units.  Compared to October 2019 total unit sales decreased by 11% or 1,162 fewer units. However, total accumulated units in 2021 are the highest in the last decade with over 117,336 units sold. The total accumulated is 45% greater than in 2020 for the same period, and 25% compared to 2019. In the last decade, December has been one of the months with most units sold. This year, sales near the end of the year have been the slowest as opposed to the trend followed. December 2020 was the beginning of economic stimulus checks being disbursed while this year there isn’t as much economic aid.

Total accumulated from January to November estimates indicate Korean units increased sales by 42%, Japanese by 27%, US by 21% and Europeans by 9% compared to 2020. The market share by units by country increased by 2% for Korea when compared to the total accumulated for 2021, the rest lost 1%.

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