Cement Sales decrease towards end of year

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Cement production in November fell 30% compared to October after two consecutive months of growth. In past years seasonal increases have begun in November, however this year November had the lowest production since the 431.4 bags of November 2020. With respect to November 2020, cement production increased by 18%. Compared to November 2019, production is down by 54%. Accumulated sales from January to November reached 6,801.4 thousand bags produced. The total accumulated from January to November in 2020 was 9,567, 29% more than the total accumulated in 2021. For the same period in 2019, there were 11,320.9 94-pound bags produced or 40% more than this year’s production.

Cement sales in November were 1,236 thousand 94-lb bags, an increase of 5% compared to October, and 12% annually. Cement sales have increased after more than 3 months with decreases both annually and monthly. However, the accumulated total for this year from January to November is 14,431 thousand bags sold. The total for the year to date is greater than previous year’s totals. In 2020, the total year to date sales for the same period are 12,439, and in 2019 12,470, an increase of 16% and 15.73% respectively. In 2021, cement sales were the largest in the first trimester because of the stimulus check that was being disbursed since December 2020. This might explain why sales are the largest in the last few years but have been slower in recent months.

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