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Consumer Price Index Up 3.3% Compared to 2020

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Inflation August 2021

The consumer price index for the month of August in Puerto Rico was 122.48. Compared to August 2020, the consumer price index had a 3.3% increase. Compared to the previous month of July, there was a 0.4% increase. This was the 12th consecutive month with an increase in the index. Recent supply chain disruptions due to COVID have led to price increases not just in Puerto Rico, but throughout the world. Prices for all products have been affected, but particularly food.

The food and beverage component of the CPI has increased for 5 consecutive months. The past 3 months in particular have had month over month increases of 0.55%, 0.67%, and 0.93%. Overall, this subindex has increased by 4% since January 2020.

The subcomponents with the highest year over year increases in August were lodging away from home, fuel for vehicles, and fuel for homes. They had percentage increases of 36.8%, 33.8%, and 12.4%, respectively. The largest year over year decreases were in eggs, educational material, and girl’s clothing. They had decreases of 3.4%, 2.1%, and 2%, respectively.

The subcomponents with the largest month over month increases were mail and postal services, other expenses, and fresh vegetables. They had increases of 5.4%, 3.7%, and 3.1%, respectively. The ones with the largest month over month decreases were footwear, lodging away from home, and watches and jewelry. They had month over month decreases of 2.3%, 1.5%, and 0.9%, respectively.

Food and Beverage had a year over year increase of 2.9%. The largest increase happened in fats, oils, and dressings, which had an increase of 9.2%.

Housing increased by 1.3%, and the largest increase was in lodging away from home, which increased by 36.8%.

Apparel decreased by 0.3%. The largest decrease was in footwear, which decreased by 1.8%.

Transportation increased by 8.9%. The largest increase was motor fuel, which increased by 33.8%.

Medical care increased by 0.4%. The largest increase was in professional healthcare services, which increased by 0.6%.

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