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CPI Trends in the Last Six Months

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In the last six months, the CPI in Puerto Rico has experienced a steady increase, indicating an inflationary trend. This increase is due to several factors, including fluctuations in oil prices, the post-pandemic economic recovery, and implemented fiscal policies.

General CPI Trend:

  • Continuous Increase: The CPI has shown a sustained increase, reflecting inflationary pressure in various sectors of the economy. This trend is concerning, as persistent inflation can erode consumers’ purchasing power.

Specific CPI Components:

  • Food and Beverages: This category has been one of the most affected, with a significant increase in prices. Product shortages and high import costs have contributed to this increase, directly impacting consumers.
  • Transportation: The transportation sector has seen a notable increase in prices, driven by rising fuel costs and vehicle maintenance and repair expenses. This factor not only directly impacts consumers but also affects the costs of other goods and services.
  • Housing: Housing costs, including rent and utilities, have shown a steady increase. This trend reflects both the recovery of the real estate market and the impact of new fiscal policies.

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