Employment continues to recover in October

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Total nonfarm payroll in October was 866.7 thousand workers, the highest level reached since the pandemic began in March 2020. Just before COVID-19 arrived, total nonfarm employment stood at 887.3 and was still recovering from a series of natural disasters. In October 2021, employment is still down by 2.3% compared to March 2020. The annual change for October is 3.4%, the seventh consecutive month with an annual increase. Compared to September, employment has continued to grow for the fifth consecutive month by 0.45% and 3,900 jobs. The increase is mostly due to a 15% year over year increase in leisure & hospitality (+1,300), Educational and health Services (+900), finances (+500), information (+200), and Mining, Logging, and Construction (+100). The San Juan statistical metropolitan area gained 2,700 of the 3,900 jobs created.

When comparing to October 2020 there are 28,300 jobs added to the economy. The industries with most gains are Recreation and Accommodation (+10,400); Commerce, Transportation and Utilities (6,600+); Educational and Health Services (4,400+); Manufacturing (+3,100).

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