Employment still -2% down compared to March 2020

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Total Nonfarm employment in Puerto Rico for November stood at 867.9, the eighth consecutive month with interannual increase. On a month-over-month basis the employment grew by 0.05% in November, the slowest m-o-m growth in 2021 after it remained unchanged in March. On an annual comparison, employment has been growing since April. In April of last year, the pandemic-provoked quarantine resulted in a fall of 13.6% of total nonfarm employment. This year, beginning in April, the increase of employment was double digit until June, and since then, the growth has been slower. Compared with March (the last “normal” month before the quarantine began) November’s cipher demonstrates that the employment has recovered up to 98%. Compared to March 2020, the employment is -2.2% behind, in other words we still need at least 19 thousand more jobs to reach pre-pandemic levels. 

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