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Hotel registrations in August were 209,193, mostly composed of non-residents. There was a total of 53,915 registrations of residents. Compared to August 2020, the local market has grown by 32,595 registrations. Inbound tourism compared to August 2020 has 145,451 more registrations. The total accumulated from January to August is 1,601,237, compared to 2020 there are 849,108 more registrations.

The metropolitan region has the most registrations, occupancy rate and most expensive average daily rate. The Average Occupancy rate in august was 68%, compared to August 2020 occupancy has increased by 43%. The metropolitan region has the highest occupancy rate with 74.4% while the national average is 6.3 percentual points less.

While in August 2020 there was a denoted difference between the average daily rate from the metro and non-metro, in 2021 the ADR is very similar. While for all areas in PR the ADR is $201, in the metropolitan area is $201.89 while in the non-metropolitan is $199. In August 2020 the difference was more denoted since all regions stood at $143, the non-metropolitan area ADR was $156.97. This was due to the strict security measures the government imposed. People were looking to stay in rural areas or close to the most famous beaches in Puerto Rico, which are not in the metropolitan area. As the security measures fade away, so does the desire for what the non-metropolitan area has to offer. Since November 8 Puerto Rico began to accept international passengers that are vaccinated. Cruises are returning to visit the San Juan port as well as choosing it as home port since August. These ciphers may increase in the next months.

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