Net General Fund Revenues lower in September

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The Net General Fund Revenue in September amounted $910,918, a reduction compared annually and to 2019. There were $24,928 less funds, or -2.6% compared to September 2020. Total General Taxes reduced by 6%, and these reduced mostly due to a 98% reduction in Insurance Premiums. For this Fiscal year (from July to September) is a total of $2.3 billion net revenues. Compared to the total accumulated for fiscal year 2020 there are $24,928 less funds, a 2.7% reduction. Compared to the fiscal year of 2019 there are 7.6% less funds. Sectors like cement, tax withheld from non-residents, Sales and use Tax (SUT), and others had increases, however it’s mostly due to the restrictions that still existed in September 2020.

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