Power costs increase in October

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Total net electric energy generation in October was 1,656.21 mkWh, a 1% reduction compared to September, and a 2% increase compared to October 2020 when there still were strict quarantine restrictions and people had to stay at home. Net generation using oil went down by 2% compared to September but remains 30% over October 2020. Residential consumption is 2% less than in October 2020 and -13% with respect to the month before. Commercial consumption went down by 25% and 29% monthly and annually. Industrial consumption also went down by double digits. In October, there was a 37% decrease in consumption compared to September, and -32% compared annually. Agricultural consumption also went down, with a monthly change of 5% and -9% compared annually. Total consumption was 1,255.7 mkWh, -21% less than in September and -17% compared annually. All active clients have not varied during 2021, in October there was a 1.1% annual growth. 

The average cost for all classes was 27.18 cents, a 13% increase compared to September, and 72% compared annually. The residential class average cents per kwh in October was 22.6, 3% more than in September, and 49% over October 2020. For the commercial class, the average cent per kwh in October 2020 stood at 16.29 while in October 2021 it stood at 33.47, an increase of 105%. The commercial average cost increased 25% compared to September.  The average kwh for the industrial class in October was 23.3 cents, an increase of 7% compared to September, and 62% compared annually.

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