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Healthcare coverage in Puerto Rico has changed in over a decade. In 2010 uninsured people were 296,939 while in 2019 there were 246,065, a decrease of 17%. However, total insurance coverage has not varied as much since in 2010 total coverage reached 92% of the total population whereas in 2019 it reached 92.2%. This may be a result of a reduced population caused by migration, and shifts like being an older one. The percent of coverage of private healthcare has decreased in the last decade. While in 2010 total private healthcare coverage stood at 42% of the covered population, in 2019 it shrunk to 38.4%. Instead, the population shifted to public healthcare coverage. While in a decade private healthcare decreased by 9 percentual points, public coverage increased by 6. Public healthcare coverage was 55.9% in 2010 while in 2019 it increased to 60.7%.

The Biden-Harris administration firmly believes healthcare is a right and not a privilege. With the American Rescue Plan, which provides enhanced tax credits, nine million Americans who buy their coverage through the Affordable Care Act have lower premiums, saving families an average of $40 per person per month or nearly $2,000 per year for a typical family of 4. Public policy so far this year has been towards lowering healthcare costs. With the course of public healthcare in Puerto Rico, private competitors must adjust to recent healthcare trends to stay in the game.

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