Residential energy costs are 30% higher

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Total net electric energy generation was 1,666.8 mkWh in September, a reduction of 6% compared to August, and an annual increase of 2%. Total consumption was 1,544 mkWh, an increase both annually and monthly. Compared to September 2020, consumption increased by 4.4%. Compared to August, it increased by 2.7%, an increase for the third consecutive month. The average ¢kWh cost for all classes was 24.16 cents, a decrease of 0.7% compared to August. Compared to September 2020 the average cost has increased by 35.7%. The residential cost was 22.24 cents, a decrease of 4.4% compared to August. The average cost increased by 30% in the residential class when compared to September 2020. The ¢kWh has increased by double digits for the last 4 months published.

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