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PMI reaches its highest point since 2010

The Purchasing Managers Index demonstrates the direction in which the manufacturing industry’s economy is moving. The PMI compares the current state of the manufacturing sector with the prior month. The neutral value is 50 indicates no change, a value less than 50 means that it’s contracting, and a value greater than 50 means that it’s growing....
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Retail sales increase in February 2022

Retail sales in February 2022 reached $2,670 millions , with a 2.5% over the year increase when compared to February 2021. When compared to February 2019 there is only a -1%  difference, which shows that Puerto Rico’s retail sales are essentially back at the pre-pandemic level, despite the Omicron outbreak in early 2022. February 2022 registered...
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Cruise ship passenger traffic increased in March

A total of 75,117 cruise ship passengers arrived in the island in March 2022.  This represents an increase of 19,830 passengers or 35.9% when compared to March 2020.  When compared to February 2022 passenger traffic increased by 40,778 or 118.8%. These passengers were distributed among 46 separate trips.  When compared to March 2020 total trips increased...
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Employment increases by 5.7% in April

The U.S. The Bureau of Labor Statistics released a report stating that unemployment in April 2022 has decreased when compared to March; it reached 77,561 a 2.6% decrease when compared to the previous month. Additionally, it had an even greater decrease when compared with the April 2021 number, which had a decrease of -16% change from...
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Exports increase by 4% in March

For the month of November 2021, exports totaled $5.38 billion, a 23.2% increase compared to November 2020, and a 6% increase from October 2020.
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