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Empleo crece en julio a un paso desacelerado

El empleo para el mes de julio ascendió a 947,600, un aumento del 2.6% en comparación con julio de 2022. Se trata del aumento más lento desde abril de 2021. Por otro lado, la tasa de desempleo se mantuvo en el 6.2% en julio.
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May 2023 Retail Landscape

Retail sales provide us with a snapshot of consumer spending and how the changes in consumer spending affect the different industries in the retail sector. When observing the recent month of May 2023 when compared year over year with May 2022 shows nominal growth in sales for 14 of the 18 industry categories, which totaled $3.3...
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Unveiling Puerto Rico’s Financial Landscape: Exploring Bankruptcy Trends and Economic Resilience

Bankruptcy data holds a treasure trove of insights into Puerto Rico’s intricate financial and economic landscape. Delving into this data not only provides a window into the Island’s fiscal challenges, economic trends, and regulatory dynamics but also unveils a narrative of resilience and adaptation among local businesses. It stands as a vital instrument, offering a panoramic...
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Analysis of Puerto Rico’s Retail Landscape: April 2023 Report

The retail analysis of Puerto Rico’s economic landscape holds paramount importance, as it serves as a crucial indicator of our economy’s expansion. An increase in retail sales signals a robust and thriving economy, whereas a decline indicates the opposite. Examining the total retail sales for the period between April 2022 and April 2023, we observe a...
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Examining Puerto Rico’s Employment and Salaries

Puerto Rico’s economy is displaying promising signs of growth. When examining the figures for total employment in 2021 and 2022, it shows that these numbers are on the rise. In Puerto Rico, there is a notable 6.7% increase in employment, from 843,810 employees to 900,650. Similarly, the average hourly salary experienced a 6.1% increase, going from...
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