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Recent months have been the most off-centered and unprecedented the industry has experienced. There has been no other way to surpass the new challenges than to innovate and adapt. Factors that take a toll on the sector globally besides the pandemic are a chip shortage, the lack of inventory, increased costs in used cars, problems at shipping ports, and others. The industry is transcending to change the paradigm of the automotive industry to one that is more environmentally oriented. It’s necessary to adapt to the new conditions of the fast-changing world and make it safer, more efficient and sustainable.

American manufacturers produce approximately 10 million units annually, which decreased to 8.8 million in 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions. Industry trends that will have a large impact include the transition towards electric vehicles, increased demand in India and China, and increasing automation in vehicle production. As the COVID pandemic has shown, the car production supply chain is highly globalized and dependent on economies throughout the world. Our clients have the latest information to let them follow industry trends closely.

We work closely with auto dealerships and auto-part suppliers to provide our customers with the most up-to-date information regarding the industry in the United States, Latin America, Puerto Rico, and the world.

  • Total new car unit sales per make and model
  • Total retail sales of motor vehicles new and used units
  • Total car loans in commercial banks and credit unions
  • Over 100 indicators in this industry
Recent News
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Ventas de autos nuevos disminuye a 3.94% en Octubre 2023

En el mes de octubre de 2023, se vendieron un total de 10,896 unidades de...
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New Auto Sales Increased by 0.3% in April

New car unit sales for April 2023 amounted to 10,870 units sold, this being an...
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New auto sales for March decreased by -4.1%

New car unit sales for March 2023 totaled 10,732 units, this is a drop of...
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Auto Sales Experienced a Reduction for the Second Consecutive Month in February 2023

On February 2023 auto sales amounted to 9,309 auto units sold, compared to January 2023...
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New car unit sales decreased by -2.1% in November 2022

According to GUIA, new cars sold for the month of November 2022 totaled 9,147 units,...
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La venta de autos nuevos repunta en el mes de octubre

La venta de autos nuevos para el mes de octubre totalizó 11,174 unidades, un aumento...
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New car unit sales are up in April

New car unit sales for the month of April 2022 totaled 10,833, only 19 units...
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New car unit sales increase 5.5% in February

New car unit sales totaled 11,117 in February 2022, a 5.47% increase compared to February...
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Automobile Sales Increase by 13.5% in September

A total of 9,570 new automobiles were sold in September 2021 in Puerto Rico, a...
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