Tourism has experienced an extraordinary disruption in transportation, lodging, and hospitality. As industry standards and practices continue to evolve, new technology and processes will define a new era of tourism.

Tourism on a global level grinded to a halt in 2020. Countries that depend on international travel have struggled. Trends previous to the pandemic pointed towards continued growth in tourism at a global scale. Green tourism and private rentals will be important market components heading into 2022. 

We assist our clients in developing global strategies that can adapt to changing traveler preferences, emphasizing internal and external procedures. We help local and international businesses to develop business strategies by integrating analytical and digital technologies. The Economic Indicators Portal provides an on-demand analysis for a deep understanding of how the travel dynamics are flowing in Puerto Rico. We can help companies adapt and secure their positions in a fast-moving crisis.

We have provided our services to the airline industry, hotel, entertainment, planning, business strategies, operations, and revenue optimization in recent years. This industry operates in a complex network that requires location intelligence to make better decisions. With our tools, we enable organizations to collect data and produce information for key stakeholders. Some of our indicators include: 

  • Hotel registrations, occupancy rates, and more in the United States and Puerto Rico
  • Total hotels, casinos, and their locations.
  • Total visitors and average expenditure in Puerto Rico
  • Over 15 indicators and analysis for this sector. 
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