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Manufacturing companies have often to reorganize the way of doing business, their offerings and go beyond traditional business. Technological developments are the propulsor for operational efficiency. 

16% of global GDP and 14% of global employment are related to manufacturing. While COVID may have decreased growth expectations for the industry, it remains one of the foundations of global finance.

COVID has caused massive disruptions in global manufacturing. Supply chain issues due to COVID-related stoppages and increased shipping costs have led to scarcity and inflationary concerns. Supply chain diversification may be a relevant subject in 2022, as many firms look to decrease their dependence on single points in the supply chain.

Manufacturing accounts for nearly 50% of Puerto Rico’s GDP. The island is a world leader in pharmaceutical and biotech manufacturing and has been one of the few growth industries that has managed to grow in both economic product and employment. 

We assist manufacturing companies in applying advanced analytics to large amounts of data to turn consumer insights into commercial opportunities. Manufacturing companies are dealing with an avalanche of data, particularly if they have access to transaction records via syndicated data agreements with retailers. This information can be a valuable resource for better-targeted product creation, pricing, promotions, and marketing.

Our analysts have the knowledge to deal with different data sources, produce meaningful insights, and develop a strong fact foundation to support all import consumer products business decisions. Some indicators include: 

  • Total number of manufacturers in Puerto Rico, their industry and location on the island
  • Total number of employees, average salary, and aggregate industry salaries.
  • Purchasing Manager’s Index
  • Global manufacturing statistics
  • Over 50 indicators in this sector. 
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PMI reaches its highest point since 2010

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Purchasing Manager’s Index Down 7.8% in February

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