Agriculture is an essential component of human life. This industry is not only sensitive to natural phenomena like hurricanes and drought but also to market changes. With globalization, multiple variables can affect the production, processing, or distribution stages. It’s essential to have professionals studying the best ways to make each step more efficient and resilient. ​Agricultural industries remain a backbone the world economy, contributing roughly 6% of the world’s GDP.

COVID has had a large effect on agriculture worldwide, upending currently existing structures . Maintaining food security worldwide in the face of global pandemics and increasingly frequent natural disasters will require a close collaboration between governments, agricultural producers and finance.

Remaining up to date on the latest industry developments such as employment, production, and others is key to running a competitive business. With new analytical developments, we advise farm and food enterprises and organizations on how to deal with technological and disruptive tendencies that shape the more extensive food system. Our economic indicators include:

  • Total agriculture output
  • Total agricultural exports and imports by country
  • Agriculture breakdown by category 
  • Local farms, their production, and location in the United States, Latin America, Puerto Rico, and the world
  • Over 20 more indicators with room to grow.
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Comienzan preparativos para censo de agricultura

El departamento de agricultura federal (USDA), ha comenzado sus preparativos para el nuevo censo de...
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