The construction industry has been one of the key drivers of urbanization and industrialization throughout the world for the past 100 years. As with all industry, COVID has disrupted construction throughout the world. From increased demand for luxury housing to supply chain disruptions that have led to increased construction prices, knowing the latest construction statistics gives businesses an essential advantage.

With work from home becoming a new reality, the impact that this will have on new construction and infrastructure projects will be tremendous. What will cities of the future look like when workers are free to live wherever they please? What effect will this have on commercial real estate whose value depends on troves of workers descending on city centers each day? All of these questions have yet to be answered. One thing is for certain, with the information we make available, your firm will be much better equipped to answer them.

Indicators in this sector include: 

  • Total employment in construction 
  • Total investment capital in public and private investment
  • Total federal transfers
  • Over 50 indicators in the sector. 
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