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Cruise ship passenger traffic increased in March

Intelligent Economics > Analysis > Cruise ship passenger traffic increased in March

A total of 75,117 cruise ship passengers arrived in the island in March 2022.  This represents an increase of 19,830 passengers or 35.9% when compared to March 2020.  When compared to February 2022 passenger traffic increased by 40,778 or 118.8%.

These passengers were distributed among 46 separate trips.  When compared to March 2020 total trips increased by 23 or 110%, while when compared to February 2022 trips increased by 16 or 58.6%.

Overall, cruise ship passenger traffic has not completely recovered from the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic.  However, it has steadily been increasing since cruise ships resumed their arrivals in the island back in August of last year.  

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