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Gustavo Vélez Pizarro

Founder and President

Gustavo Velez Pizarro graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Puerto Rico’s Rio Piedras Campus with a bachelor’s degree in Economics, as well as graduating Cum Laude with a master’s degree in economics from the same institution. He began his tenure as an economist in the municipality of San Juan and in government agencies such as Puerto Rico’s Planning Board. He later served as an economic consultant to the Legislature and then economic advisor to Gov. Anibal Acevedo Vilá. 

After his public service, he founded his firm, Inteligencia Económica in 2006. The firm has grown into the island’s first economic data-analysis-driven firm. Inteligencia Economica has consulted for local and international businesses on topics such as public policy, feasibility studies, and more. In 2017 he oversaw the launching of EconomiaPR (now, Intelligent Economics) as the island’s largest public and private sector database. 

He currently writes a weekly column (on Wednesdays) on the island’s largest newspaper, El Nuevo Dia. Has a radio talk show, Pulso Económico, which currently sits #1 at its time – 7 pm on weekdays and has had multiple guests including current Governor Pedro Pierluisi, director of the Fiscal Oversight Board, Natalie Jaresko, and round tables with presidents of the private sector. With his libertarian views, he’s given a platform to the private sector through his radio show to provide thousands of puertorricans with current economic analysis.

He has written 5 books which are available on amazon and our shop. 

  • [2009] Impacto de la Eliminación de la Sección 936
  • [2014] Reinvención Boricua
  • [2015] El Último Tarjetazo
  • [2015] Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis: Challenges and Opportunities 
  • [2017] La Luz Al Final Del Túnel

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Phone : (1)-787-740-0398
Email : [email protected]