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15% Increase of Hotel Registrations

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The Puerto Rico Tourism company has released their monthly report, in the month of April 2022 there have been a total of 236,634 arrivals in lodgings. Compared to the same month the previous year, it has increased by 32,038 registrations (15.7%). Post-pandemic numbers of registrations have increased 109.6% between 2019 and 2022; this increase demonstrates how the tourism sector has more than recovered from the effects the Covid-19 pandemic had on the island. 

Non-resident registrations stand at 174,862, a 16% increase from April 2021. And when compared to the pre-pandemic year 2021, there was an 80% increase in non-resident registrations. 

The average daily rate during April 2022 was $287.05, compared to $237.07 in April 2021. When compared to the previous month of March 2022, the ADR was $304.50, April’s ADR was -5% less than the previous month. Additionally, the ADR of 2022 is over $100 more than the ADR of 2019 which was $178.06, which is most likely due to a lot of inflation and increasing demand for lodging, as spring holidays neared. The three aforementioned indicators have been following a trend that displays essentially a full  recovery from the pandemic. 

The average occupancy rate reached 66.5% in April 2022,An increase can be observed when comparing the 61.3% rate in April 2021. Though it has been consistently increasing since 2020, the April 2019 average occupancy was 77.49%, this is the only indicator that does not demonstrate a full recovery from the pandemic in the tourism sector of Puerto Rico. 

The increasing rates for registrations and occupancy in lodgings, demonstrate a mostly full recovery from the pandemic. In April, a lot of people go away to celebrate or at least enjoy the days off for the Holy Week  holiday, which can explain the higher numbers.

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