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The USDA has begun its preparations for the 2022 Census of Agriculture. This census is done every 5 years by the federal agency and is the most reliable source of information for county, state, and national level agricultural statistics. The last edition of this census was done in 2017. As such, this new census will give...
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In June 2021, the Consumer Price Index stood at 270.98. When compared to May 2021, the index grew by 0.9%. It has been the most significant month-to-month increase since 2008. When compared to June 2020, the index reflects inflation of 5.1%, which is the largest increase year to year since 2008. An increase of the index...
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The seasonally adjusted house price index (HPI-SA) for Puerto Rico reached a score of 188.3 in the second quarter of 2021.  This means that house prices are 88.3% higher in the island when compared to 1995, the base year of the index.  When compared to the second quarter of 2020, the HPI-SA increased by 25.2 points...
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The consumer price index for June 2021 in Puerto Rico stood at 121.38. Compared to June 2020, the consumer price index rose by 2.7%. This large year over year increase is mostly due to deflation seen in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Decreases in demand for many goods and services during the pandemic led to...
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In July 2021 in Puerto Rico, there were 244 total bankruptcy filings. Of these fillings, 99 were chapter 7, 140 were chapter 13, and 5 were chapter 11. Compared with June, there were 84 fewer filings or a decrease of 25.6%. Compared with May 2020, there were 31 more periodic filings or a reduction of 3.18%.When...
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