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Cement Sales Decreased Approximately 16%

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Cement Sales reported for July 2022 by Puerto Rico’s Bank of Economic Development reached a total 1,116.2 pounds. This represents a decrease of 207.4 or 15.7% in pounds sold for July 2021. Production on the other hand portrayed an increase of 129.9 piunds. or 21.3%, reaching a total of 738.8 pounds. However, when compared to June 2022’s numbers, cement sales decreased by 229 pounds. or 17% and production decreased by 121.3 pounds or 14.1%.

Month-over- month decrease shouldn’t be too alarming when considering external factors such as inflation’s impact on the overall economy activity and the stoppage of federal fund stimulation for the general public.

As for year-over-year market behavior, both production and sales rates are still portraying numbers higher than those shown before the COVID-19 pandemic, meaning that the market is still stable. Even more so, when considering the fact that federal funds destined for reconstruction have yet to be disbursed. The future for both, cement production and sales, is expected to see an increase in overall numbers.

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