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Cost of Energy rises in June

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Electric power consumption in Puerto Rico during June 2021 reached a total of 1,336.30 kWh. The average cost throughout all classes was 24.29 cents per kWh, the average cost for residential clients was 23.12 cents per kWh, and the average price for commercial clients was 25.06 cents per kWh.

Compared to the previous month of May, consumption decreased by 5.3%. Compared to June of 2020, consumption decreased by 6.2%. 

Compared to May, the cost for all classes increased by 1.9 cents, or 21.8%, cost for residential clients increased by 3.5 cents or 17%, and cost for commercial clients decreased by 3.9 cents or 18%. This year-over-year increase is due to how oil prices were affected by COVID in 2020. As oil prices have risen due to expectations of economic growth, local energy prices have been affected.

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