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Economic Activity Index Above Pre-Pandemic Level in December

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The economic activity index reached a total of 122.5 for the month of December. Compared to the previous month, the index grew by 0.2%, while compared to December 2020, the index grew by 3.8%. As there is a high correlation between this index and the island’s GDP, it is one of the main indicators used to measure the health of Puerto Rico’s economy. It is made up of 4 subcomponents. These subcomponents differ from the total reported by other agencies, as the process used to seasonally adjust them for the index is different.

Overall, the index is above where it was before the pandemic, growing by 3.8%. Despite the economic setback presented by the Omicron variant, most of the index’s components are trending towards growth. Increasing interest rates and no further pandemic stimulus however could mean that this growth could be low and subject to further political decisions made at a federal level that affect the island.

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