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Employment Increases for 4th Consecutive Month

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Non-farm payroll in Puerto Rico for the month of September in 2021 totaled 862.5 thousand workers. Compared to the previous month of August, non-farm payroll increased by 1.8 thousand, or 0.2%. Compared to September 2020, non-farm payroll increased by 24.6, or 2.9%. When compared to March 2020, the last month before the COVID-19 pandemic’s effects on employment were seen, non-farm payroll is still down 24.8 thousand workers, or 2.8%.

Overall, employment has yet to recover from the pandemic shock. There is reason for optimism in that major categories have surpassed their pre-pandemic total. There is also the distortionary effect on enhanced unemployment benefits, which expired in September. It remains to be seen whether their expiring will have a substantial effect on employment heading into the last trimester of the year.

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