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Economic Intelligence

Our consulting firm can help you retrieve, analyze, create, and transform data into
useful business insights, predicting future business scenarios
by creating a clear perspective of all your data.

Economic Analysis

With over 20 years of experience in economic analysis, our firm integrates over 6,000 economic indicators into our data-driven analysis for our clients around the world.

About Us
Leveraged by Artificial Intelligence


Business Intelligence

We help you to retrieve, analyze, and transform data into useful business insights, predicting future business scenarios by creating a clear perspective of all your data. Making data analytics work for you!

  • Machine Learning
  • Forecasting
  • Advance Visualization
  • Data Insights

Corporate Finance and Strategy

We help you identify, develop, and implement winning strategies, providing comprehensive financial, economic and strategic advice for facing complex business challenges.

  • Consulting
  • Scenarios
  • Strategic Management
  • Planning

Indicators and Analysis platform

Get a better understanding of the statistics and main indicators that affect your business. Our dashboards and projections will help you plan better.

  • Over 6,000 macroeconomic indicators
  • Webinar presentations with our economists
  • Historical municipal indicators
  • Weekly Newsletter

Ai for Retail

Artificial Intelligence to drive perfect execution in stores and help companies provide a superior customer experience.

  • Get a detailed understanding of your shelves in real time
  • Align the reality in the store with your expectations!
  • Deep Analysis
  • Image Recognition +98% accuracy
Powerfull Insights


Key Features


We compile  more than 600 indicators, from all countries, more than 500,000 data series. Compare by country, get the detailed series and its projection.

Analysis by our economists and experts. 

Our consultants include economists, engineers, designers, data scientists, business managers, and more. We offer quarterly webinars  to interact with them.

Analysis by Industries

We analyze more than 15 industries, for each of them we present dashboards that will allow you to have a detailed understanding of the sector.  [Available for Puerto Rico, more coming soon] 


We analyze each country in the region in depth, with annual and monthly indicators. We create the best dashboards to understand what is happening and what can come. [Available for Puerto Rico, more coming soon] 

forecasting [machine learning]

We use the latest technology in Machine Learning techniques to offer you the forecast of each indicator, with its respective confidence interval. 


We compile the most important news in the sector, from the best sources.

You have your data, we have our analysts.

Let's Mix!

Business Intelligence

First step: We exchange data. 

You give us access to your data or we plug in ours, find trends, important data points, and work our magic.

Second step: Data Analysis.

Using AI and our economists’ experience, we analyze your data in order to create forecasts, projections, estimates, and more. 

Third step: Data Visualization.

Visualize your data in easy to use dashboards, tailor-made to your needs, using Microsoft Power BI.


  • Intelligent Economics
  • Intelligent Analytics
  • Intelligent Power BI

Intelligent Platform

With exceptional people, we combine global expertise and local insight to help you turn your ambitious goals into reality. 

We know Latam, we know the social, political, financial and uncertainty complexities that surround the region, we provide the best data to plan, make decisions, project, anticipate and move in a unique environment of each country that is part of the region.

Executive team

Gustavo Velez

Founder and Senior Economist

Chantal Benet Arbona

Senior Economist

Luis Agrinzones

Chief Technology Officer

Hector Rosa Gracia

Strategic Consultant

Fabian Velez

Intern, Content creator and media support