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Inflation hits 6.3% in November 2022

Intelligent Economics > Blog > Inflation hits 6.3% in November 2022

With the most recent information from November 2022 the overall consumer price index for Puerto Rico reached 131.9, increasing 0.4% from the previous month’s October 2022 value of 131.4 and a 6.3% increase from the November 2021 value of 124.1. For context this would mean a purchasing power of $0.76 for November 2022 in December 2006 dollars, a reduction in purchasing power of $0.05 compared to the November 2021 purchasing power of $0.81.

The group that felt the greatest increase in prices was the Food and Beverages Group rising to a 152.2 index, a 1.2% increase from the October 2022 index of 150.4 and 10.3% from the November 2021 value of 138. In contrast only one group showed a reduction in its index from the previous month and that was the Apparel group with an index of 87, a reduction of 0.1% from the previous months October 2022 value of 87.1 and yet representing a 2.8% increase from the November 2021 value of 84.7.

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