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Inflation increases in the US

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In June 2021, the Consumer Price Index stood at 270.98. When compared to May 2021, the index grew by 0.9%. It has been the most significant month-to-month increase since 2008. When compared to June 2020, the index reflects inflation of 5.1%, which is the largest increase year to year since 2008. An increase of the index can be seen in higher prices in food, items, and energy; inflation increases.
The index for used vehicles increased 10.5% in June. The food index rose 0.8% in June, more significant than the 0.4% increase in May. The food index increased 0.8% in June. The energy index increased 1.5% in June, and the gasoline index was rising 2.5% over the month. Food and energy rose 4.5% since June 2020.
When compared to June 2019, overall prices increase by 3%.

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