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Fewer Bankruptcies in July

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In July 2021 in Puerto Rico, there were 244 total bankruptcy filings. Of these fillings, 99 were chapter 7, 140 were chapter 13, and 5 were chapter 11. Compared with June, there were 84 fewer filings or a decrease of 25.6%. Compared with May 2020, there were 31 more periodic filings or a reduction of 3.18%.
When comparing the bankruptcy filings with July 2020, chapter 7 and chapter 13 filings decreased by 54.38% and 41.91%, as stated. Bankruptcy filings for chapter 11 increased by 150% when compared with July 2020. Chapter 7 filings decreased by 28.78% compared with the previous month, chapter 13 filings decreased by 24.32%, and chapter 11 filings increased by 25%.
Year to date filings shows that car rentals are the ones with the most filings with 2, follow by automobiles sales, beauty salon, and beauty supplies shops, carpet cleaning and divers’ equipment and supplies with one filing each, and finally, bakeries and pastries, engineers, marketing consultants, tile sales businesses, and truckers.

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