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New Car Unit Sales in May 2022

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New car unit sales for May 2022 totaled 10,326. Since May 2021, the amount decreased by 2,360 units (-18.6%). Compared to May 2019, sales are up 16.5%. In the first five months of the year, sales are down -3.5% compared to the same five-month period from last year. Compared to the same period of 2019, sales are up 30.1%, according to Grupo Unido de Importadores de Autos (GUIA). 

Analyzed by marker by country:

• Japanese brand sales decreased by -18% with the largest decreases from Honda which went down by -61.8%, Nissan by -51.8%, Acura by -45.4%, Subaru by -40% and the only increases with Lexussales going up by 17.1%, and Toyota by 4.7%. 

• Korean brands decreased by -29.9%, with Kia having the largest decrease of -47.1%, Hyundai and Genesis both decreasing by 20%.

• US brands decreased by -5.7%. GM had the largest decrease with -33.6% and Ford saw a decrease in sales of -10.9%, and Chrysler increased by 5.9%.

• European brand sales decreased by -3.8%. Audi increased by 205.9%, Volvo by 52%, and BMW by 19.8%. Mini decreased by -88.1%, Land Rover by -71.9%, and Volkswagen by -48.2%.

The largest drop in sales was from SUV compact segment (-33.3%), followed by the SUV sub-compact segment (-28%), SUV medium (-21.9%), and Mini-Compact (-19.1%). On the contrary, the 2-door Sub Compact segment increased 30.7%, followed by the SUV medium premium segment (11%). 

Top models sold in May: 

  1. Corolla
  2. RAV4
  3. Tacoma pick-up
  4. Accent 4 dr
  5. Tucson

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