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Retail Sales up 2.5% in October

Intelligent Economics > Blog > Retail Sales up 2.5% in October

Sales registered for October 2022 amounted to $3,157.17 million dollars, when compared with the same month in 2021 it represents an increase of 2.5%. Compared to the previous month, this is a 11.6% increase from September 2022 that had a total of $2,828.34 million in sales.

The five sectors with the highest reported increases during October 2022 were:  Sporting Goods, Musical Instruments, and Entertainment (21.5%); Specialty Food stores (14.2%); Hardware and Home Improvement (12.9%); Supermarkets and Alcoholic Beverage stores (12.3%); and Pharmacies (11.8%). 

The five sectors that experienced the largest reductions during October 2022 were: Electronic Articles Stores (-18.7%); New and Used Motor Vehicles (-10.5%); Auto Parts Stores (-9%); Jewelry, Baggage and Leather Articles Stores (-5.4%); and Clothing Stores (-4.3%).

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