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Retail Sales up by 11.3% December 2022

Intelligent Economics > Blog > Retail Sales up by 11.3% December 2022

Sales for December 2022 amounted to $3,736.12 million dollars, this was an increase of 11.3% on a year-to-year basis from December 2021 that produced $3,357.7 million dollars in sales. Compared to the previous month of November 2022 with $3,168.6 million dollars in sales, December 2022 represented a 17.9% increase in sales month-to-month.

As for the 2022 calendar year, it produced an accumulated value in sales of $37,430.5 million dollars. Compared to the previous 2021 calendar year of $36,777.6 million dollars in accumulated sales, the 2022 calendar year had a 1.8% increase in sales.

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