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Rising Exports Boost Economy

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Puerto Rico’s economy showed signs of positive growth in fiscal year 2023, as indicated by a 0.7% increase in the Gross National Product (GNP) at constant prices when compared to fiscal year 2022. This growth is a significant indicator of the island’s economic health and resilience, especially considering the various challenges it has faced in recent years. Julio Lassús, the president of the Planning Board (JP), attributes this increase primarily to a boost in the exports of goods and services, highlighting the island’s improving economic conditions and its potential for future growth.

Economic Growth and Its Implications

The 0.7% growth in GNP at constant prices is a crucial measure of Puerto Rico’s economic output that excludes the effects of inflation, providing a clearer picture of real economic growth. This positive change, albeit modest, is a testament to the island’s ongoing recovery and development efforts. The growth driven by exports suggests a rising demand for Puerto Rican goods and services on the global market, which can lead to further economic expansion, job creation, and increased revenues for local businesses.

The Role of Exports

The surge in exports plays a pivotal role in bolstering the economy. It not only brings in foreign exchange but also helps to diversify the economic base of Puerto Rico. Goods and services produced on the island are finding their way to international markets, which is a positive sign of competitiveness and innovation within the local industry. This increase in exports may be attributed to various factors, including improved production capabilities, enhanced quality of goods and services, and strategic trade agreements.

Future Outlook

The reported economic growth opens up discussions on the future economic strategy for Puerto Rico. It highlights the importance of continuing to support and invest in sectors that have the potential for international expansion. The government and local businesses may need to focus on strengthening the infrastructure, technology, and skills required to boost production and maintain the competitiveness of Puerto Rican exports. Furthermore, diversifying the export portfolio to include a wider range of goods and services could mitigate risks and ensure steady growth in the future.


Puerto Rico’s economy showing growth in fiscal year 2023 is a positive development that points towards the island’s gradual recovery and potential for further economic development. The increase in GNP, driven primarily by an uptick in exports, underlines the importance of focusing on sectors that have global appeal and competitiveness. As Puerto Rico continues to navigate its way through various economic challenges, this growth serves as a beacon of hope and a call to action for policymakers, businesses, and the community to foster an environment that sustains and accelerates economic progress.

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