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The Second Highest Cement Sales and Production of 2022

Intelligent Economics > Analysis > The Second Highest Cement Sales and Production of 2022

The month of August saw an overall increase in both Cement Sales and Production with a total of 1,328.6 pounds sold and 789 pounds produced. These figures from Puerto Rico’s Economic Development Bank represent the highest of 2022, barring June of the same year. Compared to July 2022, Cement Sales saw a 19% increase (212.4 pounds); Production saw a 7% increase (50.2 pounds).

When contrasting said figures to previous years, Production and Sales are higher than those of 2021. Specifically, Sales saw a 6% (69.7 pounds) increase when compared to those of August 2021. Meanwhile, Production saw a 35% increase (204 pounds). August Sales are also higher than those of 2019 by 210.5 pounds.

This increase in Cement Sales and Production in the month of August could be attributed to maintenance and repairs in preparation for the upcoming Hurricane Season. Yet monthly increases and decreases of this nature are standard and should be no cause of concern. Following the Economic Development Bank’s figures August has historically been a month of Sales and Production increase. Overall, yearly Sales and Production statistics have remained relatively stable in the past years with slow upward trajectory.  

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