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266,000 jobs were added in the US in July

Intelligent Economics > Blog > 266,000 jobs were added in the US in July

Non-farm payroll in the United States totaled 146,821,000 for the month of July 2021. Compared with the previous month of June, 266,000 jobs were added, a growth rate of 0.6%. This is the highest employment level since March 2020.

Job recovery has reportedly slowed down despite still being on the rise. Compared to July 2020, non-farm payroll increased by 7.26 million jobs or 5.20%. The Bureau of Labor Statistics data shows notable employment increases in leisure and hospitality, education, and local government.

Overall employment has been steadily increasing on a month-to-month basis since the beginning of 2021. As vaccinations efforts continue and the economy returns to normal, employment should continue to grow.

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