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Export levels reach $6 billion in June 2022

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Export in Puerto Rico totaled $6billion for the month of June 2022, which implies an increase of $1.1billion or 23% when compared to exports reported for June 2021. Imports also show an increase when compared to figures reported on the previous year, totaling $4.6billion for June 2022. This shows a $230million or a 5% increase compared to June 2021.

However, when considering changes in exports and imports foreseen in the previous month of May 2022, we see a $359million or a 7.2% decrease in imports. As for exports, figures reported on June 2022 show a $1.4billion or 32.8% month-over-month increase.

Exports for the month of June leave Puerto Rico with a significantly better standing regarding its balance, totaling $1.3billion, which is $856million higher than the balance reported in May 2022. Taking this into account and overall figures, Puerto Rico’s external commerce is doing good, which is rather important given the current economic situation for both the United States and Puerto Rico.

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