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The Dynamism of the Puerto Rican Economy: A Look at the Economic Activity Index

Intelligent Economics > Analysis > The Dynamism of the Puerto Rican Economy: A Look at the Economic Activity Index

The Puerto Rican economy has exhibited a series of fluctuations in recent months, capturing the interest of analysts, investors, and policymakers alike. Through the Economic Activity Index (EAI), a key indicator for evaluating the pulse of economic activity on the island, we have observed trends that suggest a period of notable economic dynamism, especially in the second half of 2023.

A Look at the Last Six Months

From July to December 2023, the EAI experienced significant variations in its percentage growth rate. Starting the period with a 3.5% increase in July, followed by a slight decrease to 3.3% in August, the index jumped to 6.1% in September, remaining strong at 5.9% in both October and November, before moderating to 3.4% in December. This trajectory reflects a period of economic expansion, with September and November standing out as months of particular strength.

What Does the EAI Tell Us About the Puerto Rican Economy?

The fluctuations observed in the EAI suggest several key points. First, the capacity of the Puerto Rican economy to experience periods of accelerated growth, even in an uncertain global context. Second, the importance of closely monitoring these indicators, as they provide crucial clues about the future direction of the economy.

Forecasts and Projections

Looking ahead, it is essential to consider how the EAI will develop in the coming months. Although the decline in December could signal a normalization after robust growth, policymakers and investors should be attentive to leading indicators that could suggest new growth trends or challenges on the horizon.

Impact on the Wider Economy

The behavior of the EAI is not only an indicator of Puerto Rico’s economic health, but also has direct implications for other economic aspects. A growing EAI can translate into increased employment opportunities, higher tax revenues, and a more favorable trade balance. However, it is essential to balance these positive aspects with the management of inflation and other economic pressures.


The analysis of the EAI over the past six months offers us a unique window into the dynamism of the Puerto Rican economy. As we move forward, it is crucial to maintain constant vigilance over these and other economic indicators to successfully navigate today’s complex economic landscape. With well-calibrated economic policies and a deep understanding of the underlying factors driving these changes, Puerto Rico can continue on its path towards sustainable and robust economic growth.

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