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Upward Trend in Cement Sales in 2022

Intelligent Economics > Analysis > Upward Trend in Cement Sales in 2022

Cement production reached a total of 765 thousand 94lb sacks for the month of March 2022, while sales totaled 1,472 thousand 94lb sacks. Compared to the previous month of February, production increased by 144, or 23.2%. Compared to March 2021, production decreased by 0.7%.

Source: Economic Development Bank of Puerto Rico

Cement sales increased by 295 (25%) compared to February, while compared to March 2021, sales decreased by 102 (6.5%).

Cement sales increased drastically after the beginning of the COVID pandemic in Puerto Rico. After averaging 1,122 in 2019, monthly sales increased to an average of 1,298 in 2021. Although the latest housing data shows a slow housing market in 2022, cement sales are above their 2021 average.

While new housing unit sales have decreased, federal reconstruction funds assigned to the island in 2022, which total in the billions, should lead to these increased cement sales being sustainable.

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