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Retail sales in Puerto Rico reached $2,964 million during July 2021, a $347.2 million or 11.7% increase when compared to July 2020.  This year-over-year increase was mainly driven by a $114.2 million or 10.3% increase in sales for department stores, a $85.5 million or 23.9% increase in sales for New and Used Motor Vehicles, and a $67.1 million or 19.2% increase in sales for Supermarkets...
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Total bankruptcy filings in Puerto Rico in September 2021 were 318.Compared to August 2021, bankruptcy filings increased by 5%. When compared to September 2020, bankruptcy filings reduced by 28%. There is a year-to-date total of 2,967 bankruptcy filings. Compared to 2020, in 2021 there have been 31.16% fewer bankruptcy filings. Chapter 7 is available to debtors with low income or below the corresponding “median income”...
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The purchasing manager’s index for Puerto Rico for the month of August came in at 53.8. There was a two-point reduction in the index compared to the previous month of July, a 3.6% decrease. Compared to August 2020 however, the index is 5.7 points or 11.9%, higher. The past 4 months have alternated between higher and lower scores in the index, which would indicate a...
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Total Retail Sales in June 2021 in Puerto Rico reached a total of $3.33 billion, 13% higher than June 2020. Sales for the year to date reached a total of $18 billion, 35.1% higher than the same period in 2020 and 20% higher than in 2019. Large non-chain stores increased their sales the most compared to June 2020 with an increase of 35.2% for a...
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Se logro evitar un cierre del gobierno federal de los Estados Unidos gracias a un acuerdo que logró extender los fondos disponibles para el funcionamiento del gobierno hasta el 3 de diciembre. Esta discusión en el Congreso se debe al limite de deuda del gobierno federal. Este limite es el total que el tesoro federal esta autorizado a tomar en prestamos para mantener el funcionamiento...
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