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Cement sales decrease by 7.7% in April

Intelligent Economics > Analysis > Cement sales decrease by 7.7% in April

Cement sales reached 1,297.4 thousand 94-pound sacks in April 2022, while production reached 705.5 94-pound sacks. When compared to March 2022 sales decreased by 59.2 thousand units or 7.7%. When compared to April 2021, sales increased by 70.6 thousand units or 11.1%.

Meanwhile, when compared to March 2022 production decreased by 174.6 thousand units or 11.9%.  Furthermore, when compared to April 2021, production decreased by 68.4 thousand units or 5%.

Cement sales increased drastically following the end of the total lockdown brought to combat the COVID-19 pandemic during March and April of 2020.  After the lockdown was lifted sales increased to reach a peak of 1,597 thousand units in June 2020 and would later decrease to a monthly average of 1,298 in 2021. 

The year-over-year decrease in cement sales shouldn’t be too alarming as they still sit well above pre-pandemic levels.  Furthermore, the disbursement of federal reconstruction funds should stimulate future construction and cement sales.

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